There can be a million reasons for your production house to choose the Netherlands as your shooting location. In our tiny country we offer a variety of unique locations where you can shoot. From the unique canals of Amsterdam to the colourful tulip fields. From modern architecture to unique landscapes. Dutch Fixer can arrange any type of location for you: studio or outdoors.

Filming permits

In some cases you need a film permit to shoot at a location. This all depends on the location and the size of the production. Dutch Fixer can arrange any type of approval for any type of location.


We always look on a case to case basis what permits and logistics are required for the shoot. Naturally we take on an advising role so the production company knows what can and needs to be arranged at what cost.

Shooting locations

Dutch Fixer can provide any type of location as long as we know what your requirements and demands are! We did put together a small selection of locations which are unique to the Netherlands. Perhaps you will find the inspiration you are looking for here, but please know we are more than happy to arrange any custom location for your film shoot.

  • Keukenhof
  • Amsterdam
  • Giethoorn
  • Utrecht
  • Margraten
  • Tulip fields
  • Moorlands
  • Kinderdijk
  • Dutch Dunes
  • Rotterdam
  • Gouda
  • Appingedam
  • Winter scenes
  • Amsterdam
  • de Polder
  • Dutch Watermill
  • Dutch Castle
  • Castle de Haar
  • Dutch beaches
  • Windmills

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