We understand how important financials are for your company and production. We can work with any type of budget, big or small. We believe communication is key, especially when it comes to your budget.
To us it is important to get an indication on the limitations so we know we are on the same level and are able to make the best arrangements on your behalf.

Our VAT refund service

In Holland you generally pay 21% VAT on local crew and services. Dutch Fixer offers a unique service to any production company working with us to check whether your company is eligible to get a VAT refund on local crew and equipment. We offer this service for free because we know 21% can make a big difference on your budget. Please contact us for further information.

Estimate prices

The Netherlands has a pretty standard set of prices for local crew and services. Depending on your country and perception though. Please find a list of prices underneath so you’ll have an idea of what crew and services cost around here:

4-star hotel room: 150 euro per night
Minivan: 80 euro per day
Production assistant: 175 euro per day
Production manager: 250 euro per day

Please know prices are an estimate and are subject to change. Please contact Dutch Fixer to get a good insight on the cost of your production.

Netherlands Film Production incentive

Larger film productions can apply for the Dutch Film Production Incentive. It is based on a system of cash rebate. The Netherlands Film Production incentive aims to promote a healthy film production environment in the Netherlands. Foreign film productions may apply for the Dutch Film Production Incentive. This means a 30% rebate could be given to film productions, documentaries or animation movies. Please find more information here.

Tips and know how

– In the Netherlands we generally honour a 30 day payment prompt.
– Please know most shops do not accept credit cards. Please check with your local bank in advance to see what your best options are to get petty cash.


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